Practical DST Interpretation Seminar
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Oil & Gas Finding Aspects of Hydrodynamics
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16 Ways to Identify Bypassed Pay From DST Data
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Course Registration

To register for these courses, simply fill in and electronically submit the registration form below or call (403)262-1261. Then send a cheque (prior to the course) for tuition fees as follows:

  • Practical DST Interpretation - $1,425.00 Cdn + GST ($71.25) = $1,496.25
  • Oil & Gas Finding Aspects of Hydrodynamics - $1,614.00 Cdn +GST ($80.70) = $1,694.70
  • 16 Ways to Identify Bypassed Pay From DST Data - $945.00 Cdn + GST ($47.25) = $992.25

Registration Form

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Course Preferred

Course fee (see breakdown above; please make cheques payable to
Hugh W. Reid & Assoc. Ltd. at 1406 - 6th Street N. W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2M 3E6)

DST Interpretation 3 1/2 days = $1,496.25 / person
Oil & Gas Hydrodynamics 4 days = $1,694.70 / person
16 Ways to Bypassed Pay 2 days = $992.25 / person
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(Includes tuition, all textbooks, course notes and materials, daily refreshments, and a $200.00 registration fee.)

Press here to submit your registration


Maximum enrollment is limited. Since registration will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis, early registration is recommended.

Cancellation / Refunds

Tuition fees must be paid in full prior to the course. Tuition fees will be refunded (less $200.00 registration fee) if written notification is received 21 days before the course.


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