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Consulting Services

In addition to the practical courses, we specialize in:

Problem DST chart troubleshooting - Quick Look DST Chart Interpretation & DST reservoir computations to forecast a well's potential.

Hydrodynamics/Pressure Depth Plots for reservoir continuity between wells & finding barriers, gas/oil/water contacts etc.

Locating Bypassed Pay for Clients - See below.

About Hugh Reid

Hugh is internationally recognized for his DST related training seminars, which have been presented bi-annually in Calgary and overseas in over 17 countries, representing more than 200 companies, over the past 23 years.

He has also filled a niche in the Canadian petroleum industry by providing advice on DSTs, independent of service company affiliation.

Hugh received a B.Sc.(Geol.) from the University of Bristol, U.K. in 1968.

He has over 30 years experience in DST analysis and hydrodynamics, 8 years with Mobil Oil in Calgary and over 20 years as an independent DST analyst, including 4 years as technical manager for Delta P Test Corp. (specialized closed chamber DST's in tight gas sands - U.S. Rocky Mtn. region). In addition, he is author of various DST manuals and technical papers on testing, formation damage and hydrodynamics (including the first paper on hydrodynamics in Indonesia).

He is a past president of the Canadian Well Logging Society and was a co-chair of the AAPG Hedberg conference on hydrodynamics at Banff. Alberta, and is an active member of the SPE, CSPG, CIM, AAPG & APEGGA.

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Locating Bypassed Pay For Clients

We are pleased to offer a new service to the industry. Confidential screening of wells for clients to locate overlooked or missed pay (potential production) based on examination of DST data.

Objectives can be to find either:

  • Abandoned wells to redrill or re-enter
  • Cased wells producing from one zone but with another potentially overlooked zone capable of being perforated
  • Subtle leads for a play


  • The obvious damaged wells are mostly 'gone' (have already been redrilled) but we are capable of locating the more subtle ones.
  • Screening can be on company's own land or on competitor's land.
  • Results are graded according to reliability of DST & potential deliverability is estimated where possible.
  • Fees are based on a daily consulting fee plus a small royalty on the successful wells.

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Partial Client List

We have completed projects in Canada, S.E. Asia and North Africa. Following is a sampling of clients for whom we have provided DST interpretation or Hydrodynamics projects.

Canadian Clients

Major Oil Companies: Chevron Canada Resources, Husky Energy, Imperial Oil Resources (Esso), Marathon Canada, Mobil, PetroCanada, Shell Canada, Suncor Energy & Texaco.

Mid Size & Small Companies: Alberta Energy Company, Archean Energy, Baytex Energy, Best Pacific, Black Hawk Energy, Canadian Forest Oil, Canadian Hunter Exploration, Canadian Superior, Dynamic Oil & Gas, Encal Energy, Everest Energy, Great Northern Exploration, Husky Energy, Impact Energy, Murphy Oil, Meridian Energy, N.A.L. Resources, Northrock Resources, Numac Energy, Paramount Resources, PetroHunt, PetroBank, Primrose Drilling Ventures, Point West Energy, Rubicon Energy, Rio Alto Exploration, Samson Canada, Startech Energy, Southward Energy, Triumph Energy, Ventus Energy, Western Star Exploration

Overseas Clients.

Algeria: Alepco (Algerian Libyan Joint Exploration Co.) Hydra, Algeria

Australia: A.G.L., Brisbane
  Boral, West Perth
  Mosaic Oil, Sydney
  Santos Asia Pacific, Brisbane
  Santos Ltd., Adelaide & Brisbane

Bahrain: Banoco (National Oil Co.)

India: Hardy Oil Co., Chennai (Madras)

Indonesia: Arco Indonesia Ltd., Jakarta
  Asamera & Gulf Oil Indonesia Ltd., Jakarta
  Petromer Trend Corp., Jakarta

Libya: Sirte Oil Co. (ex Esso, Libya) Marsa Brega
  Waha Oil Co. (ex Conoco Marathon Amerada Hess) Tripoli
  Occidental of Libya, Tripoli
  Zueitina Oil Co. (ex Oxy Libya) Tripoli

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